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Sliding doors and windows kits BIS Sistema di chiusura multipla universale Handles for sliding doors Accessories for handles sliding doors TRIS, new generation per scorrevoli. Tris closures for sliding doors and windows ALCOA-SAPA ALSISTEM ALL.CO ALUK ALUMEC ABITHAL DOMAL INDINVEST JOINTHERMIC METRA OCMA PASSERINI PROFILATI STARPUR Cremone bolts Mechanisms for tilt-turn windows Handles Tubolar Handles and knobs MEC series extruded aluminium panic bars Hinges Bolts, rod sockets and latches Accessories for central seal systems Hopper and tilting window accessories Accessories flyscreens and pull/down flyscreens Accessories for traditional wing doors and windows and various accessories Accessories for shutters Handrail cap


Mosquito screens


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4S NC 60 SUPERTHERMIC opened profile
Sliding doors and windows accessory kits "NC 60 SUPERTHERMIC"

Closure 1 point Miscellaneous accessories for NC 60 SUPERTHERMIC open section Tris closure

Opera VIP senza chiave

Opera Vip

Opera VipIngrandisci immagine

Package 5
Code 750A13B

Opera VIP con chiave

Opera Vip with key

Opera Vip with keyIngrandisci immagine

Package 5
Code 751A13B

Europa senza chiave

Europa without key

Europa without keyIngrandisci immagine

Package 5
Code 755A13B

Europa con chiave

Europa with key

Europa with keyIngrandisci immagine

Package 5
Code 758A13B

4T 4th additional TRIS system lock

4th additional system lock

4th additional system lock

NC60 SUPERTHERMIC (profilo telaio aperto NC5970, 5972, 5939)   10 750D13B
4T Optional

End stop

End stopIngrandisci immagine

Aluminium end stop   10 750E
sizes colours

Pull-push handle

Pull-push handleIngrandisci immagine

Brass pull-push handle (only for "EUROPA")   6 740BOTL
Colours: polished brass

Pull-push handle

Pull-push handleIngrandisci immagine

Pull-push handle ("MITA 745" and "EUROPA")   10 740B
Colours: black nylon
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